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Уке должен внушать ужас, чтобы семе внушал уважение

Нечасто таскаю с тумблера речи о справедливости, но.

When someone identifies with their favorite character it can say a lot about them. Whenever someone says “they are so me” believe them. Sometimes liking a favorite character they identify with is the closest thing to catch a glimpse of who they really are. Never tell anyone that they are talking about a fictional character too much, because deep down it could be the only thing thats been helping them battle their deepest insecurities. Even fictional characters can make a difference, regardless whether or not they are real.

Also sometimes loving a fictional character who reminds them of themself is the closest they can get to actually loving themself. So, you know. Maybe don’t shit on people for identifying with and loving a fictional character.

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heavy matter
See what you've become, don't sacrifice.
Красота какая. Пусть и у меня полежит тоже.


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